07/05/2015 2:43 PM IST | Updated 07/05/2015 2:44 PM IST

Salman Khan Punished Perhaps Because He Is Muslim, Says SP Leader; Twitter Slams Him

Times Now/YouTube

We're almost surprised this didn't come up earlier.

Naresh Sharma, a senior leader with the Samajwadi Party, expressed his feelings about the Salman Khan verdict on Thursday. "We are very sad. He (Salman) is a very big star. He has crores of fans across the country. But if the Maharashtra government has convicted him just because he belongs to the minority community, then it is an unfair decision," he was quoted as saying, according to a Zee News report.

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The same report mentions that Sharma later said that he was quoted out of context.

Times Now also covered the story.

People on Twitter didn't take the bait, though.

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