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The Morning Wrap: Greenpeace India Faces Shutdown; Hyderabad Engineer Who Joined ISIS Dies Fighting In Syria" data-caption="The new Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior (the third one to hold the name) on her maiden voyage to the UK.All port arrangements were handed by Gravesend based shipping agents Wavecrest Ltd -" data-credit="L2F1/Flickr">

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Turns out that a viral image of a little boy and girl hugging each other in the aftermath of the Nepal quake was actually a picture from Vietnam.

The government may have promised to bring back all the black money abroad, but Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told Parliament that his government still doesn’t have an official estimate of the size of the black money stash.

If Salman Khan is convicted today, Bollywood stands to lose at least Rs 200 crore.

Death has finally parted a couple in Uttar Pradesh who’ve been together for atleast 85 years.

A scathing resignation letter by the 26-year-old former CEO of, Rahul Yadav, had social media buzzing before he apologised and retracted. Here are several more such letters that rival Yadav’s in their insouciance.

Main News

Top Pakistan Army Commanders expressed serious concern over the alleged involvement by India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in “whipping up” terrorism in Pakistan.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, in a minute, undid years of the government’s official position by telling Parliament that it didn’t know where Dawood Ibrahim was.

To avoid diplomatic embarrassment, the BJP government has gone back on an earlier promise to exclude Assam from a proposed land-swap deal with Bangladesh.

Greenpeace India today said it was facing an "imminent shutdown" after the Union home ministry blocked its foreign funds and froze its bank accounts about four weeks ago, alleging the international environmental group was hurting India's interests.

An engineering graduate from Hyderabad, who joined the terror group ISIS, has died "while fighting in Syria," intelligence sources on Tuesday said quoting his family members.

The Maharashtra government has proposed a new law for Buddhist marriages.

Off The Front Page

UK Prime Minister David Cameron, in the run up to the elections, has tried to woo the Indian community in the UK with a campaign slogan in Hindi 'Phir ek baar Cameron sarkar', using Prime Minister Narendra Modi's popular poll mantra.

An enterprising thief, who worked for a bank and was charged with ensuring that ATMs were stocked with cash, was caught pilfering crores and using them to bet on race horses and online poker.

The Indian army can’t decide if clapping violates military decorum. Army chief Dalbir Singh had recently ordered that army personnel ought not to clap when in uniform but he clapped, deliberately and slowly with great showmanship, at yesterday’s inauguration of the Akash missile. This chief said his act of applauding was a "one-time exception to the rule".

Once panned for his ‘cellphone poetry,’ former union minister Kapil Sibal has penned five songs for the upcoming non-commercial political film "Zainab - A Celebration Of Humanity".


Pavan Varma, in The Hindu, says that the liberal and secular nature of India’s democracy is a fundamental part of its international image, which if tarnished, will spill over into other areas of bilateral and multilateral interaction.

Kuldip Nayar, in The Telegraph, says that the international community—including Jawaharlal Nehru-- must share some blame for the present plight of African Americans.

Shamnad Basheer, in The Indian Express, says that the government’s position on international patent law makes it appear duplicitous internationally and at home.

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