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The Morning Wrap: India To Amend Laws To Make It Easier To Get Guns; Woman Journalist Forced To Sit In Back Row At Jain Function

Made by Arsenal Firearms, this double barrel semi-automatic pistol shoots two .45 cal rounds side by side.  Shown is the Second Century model.
.Great Grandpa & Grandma T./Flickr
Made by Arsenal Firearms, this double barrel semi-automatic pistol shoots two .45 cal rounds side by side. Shown is the Second Century model.

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The death of a 13-year-old Dalit girl on Thursday after she and her mother were pushed out of a speeding bus for protesting against their molestation sparked outrage in Punjab, with the opposition demanding action against the ruling Badal family which owned the bus.

Members of the Rajya Sabha created a ruckus on Thursday after Janata Dal-United (JD-U) leader KC Tyagi demanded a probe into 'Putrajivak', the infertility medicine marketed by yoga guru Ramdev as guaranteed booster shot to ensure the birth of boys.

Secret, the anonymous chatting app that lets people share their messages with friends and public is shutting down. Secret's CEO, David Byttow announced the news on his blog that he is shutting the app down.

Tour the most extraordinary bookshops across the globe, from a hidden gem on Santorini to a repurposed church in The Netherlands.

Main News

The Modi government may have been quick to step up scrutiny on funds from The Ford Foundation, but turns out that at least seven premium Central institutions--including an IIT and an IIM-- drew over $2.5 million from the foundation between 2008 and 2013.

After NGOs, the government appears to have turned its watchdog eyes on 179 Community Radio (CR) stations operational in the country, who anyway struggle to remain on air on shoe-string budgets, by ordering them to submit daily reports of their broadcast content to the government.

An Indian Coast Guard Board of Inquiry (BoI) has found Coast Guard DIG B K Loshali guilty for ordering a Pakistani boat to be "blown off" on the night of December 31-January 1. He faces a potential court martial, according to the Indian Express.

Social organisations in Meghalaya are gearing up to present a unified opposition to the Centre's plan to swap some of the state's land with Bangladesh.

America's watchdog on religious freedom, once responsible for denying Narendra Modi a visa as chief minister of Gujarat, has in its latest report slammed BJP and Sangh members for hate speeches against minorities. India's foreign office in the US has strongly condemned the report.

The Comptroller and Auditor-General (CAG) has named Union Minister Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari as one of the "promoters and/or directors" of Purti Sakhar Karkhana Ltd, a company that has violated the conditions of favourable grants, given to incentivize the production of renewable energy.

After two rounds of cuts, petrol prices were on Thursday raised by Rs. 3.96 per litre and diesel by Rs. 2.37 a litre, following international price movements.

India seems to be inspired by the American way and plans to ease the "paperwork" required for a gun licence.

Off The Front Page

An Indian search team has rescued a 37-year-old, a harrowing 98 hours after he was buried in a landslide triggered by the devastating Nepal earthquake.

A sub-inspector in Tamil Nadu was suspended for being drunk on duty and losing his walkie-talkie. The device was finally traced after someone used it to alert all police stations in the jurisdiction that the said policeman had passed out.

A woman journalist, reporting on a function organised by a Jain organisation celebrating Maharashtra's beef ban, was forced to vacate her seat in the first row as the organisers felt her presence there would 'offend' the celibate notables, who normally occupy the front rows.

US military has successfully tested self-steering "smart" bullets that have a real-time guidance system to track targets and change their course if needed.

Tamil Nadu leads the country in having the maximum number of households headed by widows, according to data from the 2011 census.


Aseem Shrivastava and James Boyce say in The Hindu, that India should take a cue from Singapore and cap the number of private automobile licenses.

Harish Damodaran, in The Indian Express, says that the crisis in the Indian economy today is of an under-supply of entrepreneurs.

Samar Halarnkar, in Mint, says that while it may yet be impossible to predict an earthquake or adequately prepare for one in India, citizens ought to insist on better construction measures beginning with their own homes.

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