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10 Of The Most Offensive Responses Sent To The TRAI Consultation Paper

MANJUNATH KIRAN via Getty Images
Indian activists wear Guy Fawkes masks as they hold placards during a demonstration supporting 'net neutrality' in Bangalore on April 23, 2015. The activists urged the Indian government to pass legislation to ensure net neutraliy and prevent private service providers from gaining control over the internet. AFP PHOTO / Manjunath KIRAN (Photo credit should read Manjunath Kiran/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s been a week since the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) closed submissions to their consultation paper on OTT services.

More than a million emails were sent as a response to the paper were published online by TRAI with email addresses, with corrective measures applied a few days later., launched by the wonderful folks from the SavetheInternet coalition shows how it should have been done. The site aggregates all the responses into a searchable index, which can be filtered by name, email and comments.

Searching for abusive language on the site reveals the overall high quality of discourse - a majority of the responses were civil, with only 101 emails dropping the F-bomb.

We’ve curated some of the hilarious responses by angry internet users who lambasted the TRAI for trying to regulate the internet.

From: Sarthak Tayal

Subject: Stop operators from breaking Net Neutrality

f*** you clownw**** motherf******. I ain't paying any single extra penny than huge amount i am already paying.

From: Shivin Kaul

Subject: The most stupid thing ever.

if this implemented it proves that you Just want to squeeze more and more money out from the common man, the poor people pockets into these f*** all corporates huge and ever growing bank accounts. how will this counrty develop if you only support the corporates in earning money. F*** THIS S***.

From: Cm Meena

Subject: Regarding the Paper about Breaking net neutrality

Sister f****** if you over neutrality we will f**** your a***

From: Anil Goyal

No Subject

Dear TRAI, I am writing to express my concern against the actions that telecom carriers are taking to restrict fair access to the internet (Net Neutrality). I believe the internet is a vital resource - it helps me communicate, work, and thrive as a citizen. If telecom operators can discriminate internet traffic on the basis of which services pay the most, we are allowing telcos control over a vital and necessary technological resource. By doing so we allow them to define what information we can view; what entertainment we can access; and how companies can innovate.

This is completely unfair and harms India's long term role in the global market. I strongly believe the growth of telecoms and the well-being of the internet can go hand-in-hand. I'm asking for a framework to ensure long term and fair access for all services regardless of size. I want my generation and those that come after me to have unfettered access to the Internet, with no telcos or ISPs having the ability to charge for specific services I use on top of it. Please understand that the internet is an important resource and vital to me and to every other Indian citizen. I would like to see it kept free and protected under Net Neutrality to ensure fair and equal access for all and forever. and most respectfully f*** you idiots for even thinking this BULLSHIT.



From: Anant Mishra

Subject: For Net Neutrality

Dear TRAI,

I am a humble citizen of India who has a right to Information also as you know internet is the sole biggest source of information. So please,don't f*** around and stop licking Sunil mittal's a**.

From: Harsh Pratap

Subject: Disallow internet service providers from destroying the open internet

With due respect sir .. dont mind my words cause you're gonna hear the same from everyone around the internet ..

From where the f*** you got this idea of net neutrality , do you have any sort of idea that how shitty this is ... its just so damn stupid and so damn f***ing retarded idea believe me ..

if you guys want us the normal public to come on road and protest for it then we will the only thing you're gonna get by implying this is only protest and more everyone will stop using the services that you are providing , give a thought about it once your self that how f***ed up this plan is and are you f***ing serious that we the indian public will pay for diff. sec of internet and everyday apart . dude we are not that stupid . I know this fact somewhat indian people dont react on anything on internet that fast but seriously this is just so shitty guys

please change this f***ing damn stupid idea of yours or else surely you'll get ur a** kicked and as i said in start dont mind me cause i bet you already hear these words from many other from all around the india its just not me and by guess you even got much respect from everyone ahhh you know na "respect" = abuse ..

you guys are f***ing stupid // so _|_ f*** offf f***ing stupid trai

From: Mohit Sethi

Subject: In reply to the proposal concerned with regulation of OTTs

Stop this f***ing shit

From: sumit nag

Subject: About the paper regarding regulation of OTTs

Save the Internet I support net neutrality and airtel is motherf***** cheap ch*** Bhagat l*** pakad ch**** lav** g*** mare bhenc****

From: Vinayak Nayak

Subject: Your F*CKED up neutrality issues.

Dear TRAI (or whatever your worthless full form is),do you even now what freedom is ?? I am seriously against your stupid plan for charging extra for using internet services. First the Airtel company started that,but when nobody paid any attention to it, they turned towards you guys for support & without knowing anything about the freedom of the internet,you bas***** shook hands with them. I don't want to say anything more about this. If you are planning to charge extra,I promise that you will loose many of the mobile internet consumers & at the end you will be thinking that why on earth did we did this. Thanks for showing the whole of India how poor your THINKING is.

From: Abhiyukthan dj

Subject: Stop operators from breaking the equally accessible Internet


We never want this, I never want this.

Swear this is a bullshit idea. DO NOT APPROVE THIS.




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