29/04/2015 4:19 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Love In The Time Of Net Neutrality: This Mushy Love Letter To TRAI Will Melt Your Heart


It’s been two days since the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India published over a million emails after seeking feedback to its consultation paper on OTT services.

The move drew widespread outrage over the privacy violation of net neutrality activists, whose emails were exposed to the world at large. The hacker group Anonymous unleashed repeated DDoS attacks on TRAI’s website to prevent anyone from accessing the site.

TRAI has since updated the files, replacing @ and period characters on the email fields to dissuade spammers. But anyone with a simple word processor will just need an extra minute to harvest these email addresses.

Trawling through the list of responses reveals the high quality of discourse overall, there aren’t any abusive mails to be found, most of the responses are informed and civil. Well, most.

This mushy love letter inadvertently sent to the TRAI inbox is being hailed for the literary masterpiece it is, punctuated with emojis, exclamations, kisses, and all caps proclamations of love.

The letter is now an assured classic of the teenage romance category. Some of the catchphrases from it are becoming internet memes already.

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