27/04/2015 2:25 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Holy Cow: The Cost Obsessions Of People Around The World, Mapped


Google’s Autocomplete feature lends itself to all kinds of interesting analysis that help determine humanity’s prevailing obsessions.

Price search is one of the most common reasons for using Google, and this map, courtesy Fixr.com, is derived out of Autocomplete results to find out what internet users are most interested in buying in your country. They’ve even published an excel sheet that you can download and study at leisure.

The end result is both funny and informative, giving us a peek into humanity’s biggest cost obsessions. Livestock, food and beverage, real estate, travel and recreation seem to be humanity’s biggest cost obsessions.

People are most interested in the cost of a patent in North America, the cost of a nose-job in Korea, and the cost of flying a MiG fighter jet plane in Russia.

Google users were most interested in the general cost of living in Great Britain and Tibet, the cost of a wedding in Pakistan, the cost of a cow in India, a camel in Saudi Arabia, an iPhone in China, and a Rolex in Switzerland.

The results seem to vary depending on the domain and search box (web-based or browser-based) that is used. The cost of a cow is certainly one of the top cost obsessions in India, but sometimes the cost of a guitar topped the cow when we tried to replicate the search result. The most common autocomplete after 'how much does a' on Google's India domain, is "an abortion cost in India".

For a deeper dive into the map and methodology behind the map, visit Fixr’s blog.

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