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9 Books That'll Help You Understand Hindi Cinema Better

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MSH - July 2011 7. Chaotic This is a tiny part of the hugely chaotic book room at our fab local <a rel="nofollow">Hearing Dogs for Deaf People</a> charity shop. The room is a book lovers' paradise and the whole shop is a breath of fresh air. It is staffed by people who may not find employment elsewhere and they help people who have nothing too. It also seems to be a bit of a meeting place as there are always people sitting on sofas chatting. The shop is in a former Baptist Church so is huge, biggest charity shop I've ever been in!

World Book Day is upon us, and thus it is as good an occasion as any to cultivate the reading habit. And what better subject than our very own Bollywood?

Organised by the UNESCO every year on April 23, the World Book Day was first celebrated in the year 1995.

This year, we bring you nine books that will help take your Bollywood obsession to a whole new level:

9 Books That'll Help You Understand Hindi Cinema Better

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