23/04/2015 2:15 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

These Vintage Barbies Show You How To Dress Up This Summer


If you're looking to go beyond the jeans-and-tee outfit this summer, let these vintage Barbies take you on a nostalgic trip to the past for some beautiful summery prints, dress style and accessories.

These gorgeous dolls have been styled and photographed by RomitaGirl67, an NYC-based graphic designer who has a special love for 60's fashion and vintage Barbies.

  • flickr/RomitaGirl67
    Let your shoulders soak up some vitamin D in this classic striped vintage dresses. "Brunette Barbie is wearing a vintage clone striped dress, Titian Barbie is dressed in 'Cotton Casual'" says the stylist RomitaGirl67.
  • Flickr/RomitaGirl67
    Bad hair day? Comb back your hair into a side-angled ponytail and add an oversized vintage belt to your dress to stand out.
  • Flickr/RomitaGirl67
    Summer hats are a necessary fashion accessory this summer that'll glam your look and keep the sun off your face.
  • Flickr/RomitaGirl67
    Soft heart-line tub dresses accentuate your shoulders and make for a ideal girl's-night-out outfit.
  • Flickr/RomitaGirl67
    Open kurtas or flowing light-weight cloaks can be added to a pair of drain-pipe trousers when you're hosting a dinner party.
  • Flickr/RomitaGirl67
    Replace junk jewellery with classic pearls to make a summer-style statement.
  • Flickr/RomitaGirl67
    Discard leather and tight, elastic scrunchies for soft ribbons in your hair or as a belt. Much more summer-friendly and light.
  • Flickr/RomitaGirl67
    A big vintage bow at the back never fails to attract some attention, as well as detract it from a bigger waistline. And it's much easier than wearing a jacket this summer.
  • Flickr/ Romita67
    Dress up for a hot date in pretty pink. And add a polka-dotted veil for a demure look.
  • Flickr/Romita67
    A simple floral pattern goes a long way in making a fresh, feminine statement.

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