23/04/2015 4:31 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

11 '60s Bollywood Gifs That Totally Predicted The Whole Twitter Experience


Hindi cinema in the '60s wasn't particularly progressive, especially when it came to technology (Bollywood never really got around to making its very own '2001: A Space Odyssey', you see).

But context is a wonderful thing. Once you apply today's version of that to certain moments in movies that were released in India during that decade, you'll notice that they seem to be subliminally predicting the entire experience of being on Twitter. What other explanation could there be for these moments given below, that totally define the strange, topsy-turvy emotions you feel everyday when you log in? For example:

1. When your Twitter crush favourites two of your tweets in a row…

2. … and then he/she slides into your DMs (especially if he/she doesn’t follow you… yet)

3. When you’re at a corporate-sponsored ‘open bar’ tweet-up

4. When you spot a subtweet about someone you know

5. When you’re torn between following this hot person and that hot person

6. When a hot person on your timeline gets an even hotter display picture

7. When brands offer you free stuff to tweet about them

8. When you beg someone to untag you from a chain of tweets you have long stopped following

9. When you've been scrolling through the TL for an hour straight

10. When a tweet is witty, but not ‘fav’ or ‘RT’ witty

11. And, finally, after you’ve gotten the hang of everything, when your tweet crosses 100 RTs

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