22/04/2015 1:09 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

You'll Love The New Trailer Of 'Jurassic World', If Genetically Modified Hybrid Dinosaurs Are Your Thing


After several sneak-peeks and posters, Jurassic World's brand-new (and pretty detailed) universal trailer is out and it's crawling with the first-ever genetically modified hybrid dinosaurs.

Alongside fancy gadgets and bubble-like transport devices, this sequel has some pretty amplified action material as can be seen in the trailer.

Dinosaurs killing dinosaurs for sport.

Crashing helicopters.

Quick human snacks.

And of course, the whole thing is incomplete without screaming children.

Scheduled to release this July, the movie also features actor Irrfan Khan who plays the owner of the theme park alongside Chris Pratt, who plays a staff member and trainer, and B. D. Wong, the only member of the cast to appear in previous editions of the film.

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