22/04/2015 10:31 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Anna Hazare Writes To Narendra Modi On Land Ordinance, Again

India's anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare addresses a press conference in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Tsering Topgyal)

MUMBAI — Seeking changes to the controversial land acquisition ordinance, Social activist Anna Hazare has written to prime minister Narendra Modi holding that even the fresh ordinance issued earlier this month did not fulfil the promises he had made on protecting the farmers' interests.

"The government has been saying that the ordinance is in the interests of farmers. Even in the new ordinance, issued on April 3, no amendments have been carried out as per the promises made," Hazare said in the letter, his aide told .

"By handing over farmers' land to private organisations and industrialists, farmers' basic rights are being infringed upon," said Hazare, who previously wrote to the PM on March 31 over the same issue.

"Despite the government's claim that the law favours farmers, the provisions of the ordinance amply make it clear that injustice is being heaped on them," Hazare said.

"If this ordinance gets converted into law, generations of farmers who supply food grain to the country will get destroyed. It will also have an adverse impact on food production," he said.

"Looking at the provisions, it is clear that the ordinance is against the interests of farmers. People need to be told whether we are right or the government is right. So, we expect a reply (to this letter) by April 25," Hazare said.

"How can you take away land without farmers' consent? India is an agricultural country. The government must think about the farmers," Hazare said in this letter to the PM.

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