20/04/2015 2:53 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Some Of These Bollywood Doppelgangers, Courtesy Rishi Kapoor, Are Pretty Good

Rishi Kapoor/Twitter

What would you do if you ran into your own look-alike? What would your reaction be? Surprise? Shock? Fear? Amusement?

About a week ago Dublin-based Niamh Geaney and her two friends Terence Manzanga and Harry English embarked upon a virtual journey to look for their doppelgängers. They got some positive responses but Geaney struck gold which is evident in this viral video:

Now, actor Rishi Kapoor, who is fast becoming a Twitter star, has unearthed the Indian doppelgängers of popular Bollywood actors.

In a series of tweets, Kapoor recently shared these "twin" versions of popular Bollywood actors Arbaaz Khan, Saif Ali Khan, his own son Ranbir Kapoor as well as his own doppelgänger, among others.

And finally, we're not sure how real this one is, though:

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