14/04/2015 9:34 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

WATCH: Bengaluru's Response To Net Neutrality Is Hilarious!

Bengaluru, widely acknowledged as the tech capital of India, would be nothing without the internet. In this vox-pop video, host Ustav Chakraborty asks random citizens what net neutrality means to them.

Internet users who do speak out in this video seem to drive most of their online pleasure from gaming, shopping, torrents, restaurants, free information and communication. And what if all that taken away from them? One user calls for rebellions, another says it’s “a good motive to commit suicide one day.“

The funniest moments from this video are when citizens are made to read through the TRAI’s arcane consultation paper, which, as an engineer admits, were harder than his exam papers.

It ends with a link to the SaveTheInternet campaign, which takes less than a minute to respond to TRAI’s consultation paper. Over 300,000 emails have sent by concerned Indians to TRAI on the consultation paper in three days.


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