11/04/2015 8:18 PM IST | Updated 11/04/2015 8:29 PM IST

Bill Maher On Anti-Gay Christian Views: 'They Literally Believe This Stuff'

Bill Maher slammed fundamentalists for their anti-gay views and adherence to Scripture on Friday night.

During "Real Time With Bill Maher," the host discussed how discrimination against gay people by Christian fundamentalists is rooted in the latter's literal belief in the Bible.

"The reason fundamentalists are so stubbornly anti-gay is they truly believe that condoning homosexuality will bring on God's wrath," he said. "Take fundamentalists at their word. They literally believe this stuff."

As evidence, Maher pointed to comments made by such prominent fundamentalists as Jerry Falwell, John Hagee, Pat Robertson and Bob Jones III about how gay people should be mistreated and how God has allegedly expressed his anger over Pride parades.