10/04/2015 3:01 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

WATCH: When Batman Wore A Lungi, Was Called Tambi, And Got A Speeding Ticket

Put Chutney

"He is a hero who hails from a middle-class family - who struggles to keep his identity and cape from being misused."

We're not entirely sure if this is the Batman Gotham needs, but it's definitely the one India deserves. With the motto "south-side stories", the YouTube channel Put Chutney has imagined Bruceothaman Waynekatraman as Bruce Wayne who runs the Starch Industries.

In the video — 'What If Batman Was From Chennai' — actor Delhi Ganesh plays the role of Alfred aka a very bossy Anantha Padmanabhan. Batman, predictably, has his share of #IndianProblems, which include commitment phobia, being pulled up by a cop for speeding and a Joker who wipes his hand on his cape after a meal.

The almost eight-and-a-half minute video also features a sari-wearing Catwoman who wears a bindi on her mask.

(Don't forget to click 'CC' to turn on the subtitles)

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