06/04/2015 3:56 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Facebook Rolls Out 11 New Visual & Interactive Guidelines To Make Privacy Settings More Accessible

Master OSM 2011/Flickr

LONDON — Facebook has launched a new set of guidelines in its "privacy basics portal" in an attempt to make its complicated privacy settings more accessible for users.

The expanded portal now includes newly created 11 visual and interactive guidelines, which cover topics on how to ensure information is kept secure and how to recognise attempts to steal information, The Independent reported.

The "How to keep your account secure" section will offer advice to users on creating a strong password, identifying suspicious activity and will also tell them what to do if their account is hacked.

Melissa Luu-Van, a product manager at Facebook, said in the company's blog post that the new guidelines were launched to help millions of people who had questions about the social media website's security tools. She noted that online threats were a growing concern for people and the social media giant hoped that the platform would help users better understand how to stay safe and secure on Facebook.

The new content on the revamped guidelines is available in 40 languages and easily accessible on phones, tablets and computers. It allows users to go through the settings step-by-step and understand the changes.

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