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Salman Khan Hit-And-Run Case: Timeline Of Everything We Know So Far

Bollywood star Salman Khan poses wearing a Being Human t-shirt during the launch of Being Human's first flagship store in Mumbai, India, Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013. Being Human is a charitable trust that helps spread education and healthcare for underprivileged children. (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool)

A Toyota Land Cruiser driven by Salman in a drunk state rammed into a bakery in suburban Bandra in the wee hours of September 28, 2002, running over the people sleeping outside. The prosecution examined more than 25 witnesses while the defence examined only one witness (apart from Salman Khan who is the accused) during the trial. Salman Khan's driver Ashok Singh on Tuesday testified before the sessions court in Mumbai that he was driving the car at the time of 2002 mishap for which the Bollywood actor has been charged.

Here's everything we know so far.

  • What was the original case?
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    In the early hours of September 28, 2002, Khan's white Toyota Land Cruiser rammed into the American Express Bakery in suburban Bandra, close to his sea-front home in Galaxy Apartments, before fleeing from the accident site. One pavement-dweller sleeping outside the bakery was killed and four others were injured, leading to Khan's arrest by the Bandra Police later that morning. The actor is facing charges of IPC Section 304(II) - which attracts a 10-year jail sentence, sections 279, 337, 338, 427, and under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949.
  • What has happened since then?
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    There have been several twists and turns in the 13-year hit and run case in the past too. In August, 2014, the Mumbai Police had told the court that the case diary has gone missing in addition to 55 of the 63 case related documents which were already missing.
  • What are the charges against Salman Khan?
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    The prosecution alleged that Salman Khan was driving when his Toyota Land Cruiser rammed a bakery near his sea-front home in Mumbai. His blood samples showed high alcohol content. The expert claimed in the court that the alcohol content found in Salman Khan's blood was higher than normal. According to reports, 62 mg of ethyl alcohol was found in Salman's blood.
  • Who saw it and what did they see?
    Some witnesses told the court that they had seen the actor exiting the car from the driver's side. The witness, a JW Mariott parking assistant, had said that the actor got behind the wheel of the Land cruiser at the hotel. He had also stated that Salman tipped him Rs 500 adding that he was accompanied by three friends. The only other witness was Ravindra Patil, a police constable who was also Salman's bodyguard, and was present in the vehicle. He failed to appear in court on four consecutive occasions, and an arrest warrant was issued in his name. He was subsequently arrested, in March 2006, and released from prison only in 2007. Having developed tuberculosis and abandoned by his family as well as the police force, he died in October that year.
  • What has Salman Khan said in court?
    In late March 2015, Salman told the trial court that he was not driving the car which met with an accident in 2002. The actor said that he had not taken drinks before the mishap happened and his driver was behind the wheel at the time of the accident. "My driver, Ashok Singh, was driving the car when the mishap occurred," Khan, attired in a white shirt and blue denim jeans, said in reply to a question posed by Judge D W Deshpande.
  • Wasn't Salman inebriated?
    Although he did not deny visiting a bar before the accident, he said that he only drank water and the bills made out for drinks and food were not his. He also said that Bala Shankar, who had tested Khan's blood sample, was not an expert, and had allegedly not followed proper procedures prescribed for examination. Furthermore, he also rejected the claim that he 'ran away' from the accident spot, saying, "I instructed the driver to inform the police. I remained at the spot for 15 minutes or more."
  • What did the Mumbai sessions court have to say
    Salman was being tried for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. On May 6, he was found guilty of all charges and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He was facing charges under IPC Sec. 304 (II), Sec. 279, Sec. 337, Sec. 338, Sec. 427, Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949. Upon hearing the verdict, the 49-year-old superstar, known affectionately as 'Bhai' to his fans, reportedly burst into tears.
  • And the verdict is...'Not guilty'
    "On basis of evidences produced by the prosecution, the appellant cannot be convicted, no matter how differently the common man thinks," the Bombay High Court said on 10 December, 2015.
  • So why did the court find Salman Khan not guilty?
    The Bombay High Court found that Salman Khan was not guilty because the prosecution had:
    a) Failed to establish beyond doubt that the actor was driving and was drunk at the time of the accident
    b) Not proven the credibility of Khan's bodyguard, the only key witness who died in 2007
    c) Presented evidence like bar bills, collected in a manner that 'suggested fabrication'
    d) Not examined singer Kamaal Khan, who was also in Salman Khan's car that night

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