30/03/2015 7:26 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Deepika Padukone's Viral Video Is Getting Parodied Online

Boy, the Internet doesn't waste any time, does it?

Less than 48 hours since Vogue Empower uploaded a new video featuring Deepika Padukone speaking about her choices empowering her as a woman, a parody of the video surfaced on Monday morning.

Uploaded by YouTube user verbalviolence14, the video features excerpts from 'Meri Marzi', a Bollywood song from Govinda-starrer 'Gambler' (1995), as well as clips of interviews featuring Arvind Kejriwal. These clips have been edited together with footage from the original video so as to seem as though Govinda or Kejriwal are reacting to Padukone's statements in all earnestness.

However, by late afternoon, the video was taken down due to a copyright claim by Conde Nast India (which owns Vogue Magazine), presumably on grounds of using their footage without permission.

The Internet, as always, soldiered on. On Monday evening, another video surfaced, titled 'My Choice — Male Version', uploaded by YouTube user TheAnkurPoddar.

Featuring out-of-context clips from various sources (including what looks like footage from Hollywood film 'Inside Llewyn Davis', directed by the Coen brothers), this video attempts to put across the male point of view to the statements made by the original.

Watch the video above.

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