27/03/2015 6:16 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 7:57 PM IST

Hair experts speak: Sporting the street style trend this summer

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Barber styling young mans hair

We gave you a heads up (pun intended) about the street style trend that was all the rage at Lakme Fashion Week. We went a step further by interviewing TIGI's Bed Head crew of hair experts to help you explore a new look this summer. In case you're wondering, it's at least 36° and your hair is begging you for a fresh summer do.

Here are prized tips from a handpicked set of hair experts:

1) Clint Fernandes – working with your fingers to play it cool

At the Lakme fashion week, celebrity hairstylist Clint Fernandes was backstage working with Bed Head products. Here's what the crew shared with us.

  • Clint's quote for the season

    "Texture and rock and roll is in this season. Even a simple ponytail can be styled and defined with texture."

  • Clint's favorite looks for the summer
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  • How to achieve the perfect Faux Hawk?
  1. Prepare your hair by applying a smoothing cream for a healthy shiny look
  2. Use a volumizing mousse on the roots and work towards the ends
  3. Part sections of the hair and use a bodifying spray for a stronger hold
  4. Follow this up with a micro-texture invisible root powder to avoid wetness
  • How to achieve a rock star look in 3 mins?
  1. Try a mix of texturizing product, backcombing and volumizing spray
  2. Play with your style till you reach rock star status

2) Ask your stylist: irresistible street style hairdo's

3) Savio John Pereira- how to sizzle this summer

Celebrity hairstylist Savio John Pereira hosted master classes and makeovers at "The Apartment" – the hot bed(head) of hairstyles for Lakme Fashion Week. Here's your doze of makeover inspiration and expert advice.

  • Savio's favorite looks for the season
  • How to achieve the perfect Bouncy Curls look?
  1. Choose a product based on your natural hair – straight, wavy or curly
  2. Run a light weight priming product through wet hair for texture and softness
  3. Mix the priming product with a high definition curling spray to separate the curls and get rid of frizz

We've done our best to equip you with all you need to know about summer styles, now it's your turn. Throw caution to the wind, let your hair down (or up) and be yourself this summer. If you're a bed head – even better!

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