19/03/2015 7:26 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Does Bedhead Or Experiment Sound Like Pillow Talk To You? Don't Miss This!

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Stylist blow drying client's hair in salon

Do you often suppress that tiny voice in your head that's asking you to wear your hair differently? You may hear it at the salon or while your stylist is talking to you. You may hear it each time you browse through a fashion magazine.

What you typically do though is silence it or get a blow dry and hope it drifts off. You have been caught eyeing TiGi products at your favourite salons by the real you, but you choose to be someone else.

Your hairstyle says a lot about you. And if you aren't making heads turn yet, you need a doze of style inspiration to get you started at creating your own look. Your hair your way.

Let your inner voice find a perfect outlet in your hairstyle, here are 7 style trends to get you started:

1. Mr. Rockaholic- Mullet

Some like it short; some like it long - why not try both? Try out the ultimate combination of long and short in a careful rendition of "size does matter (or not)". There's no better way for the inner rock God in you to stick to the man this Fashion Week.

2. Ms.AfterParty- Unkempt Side Braids

You try to hide it, but you know that you're just a good girl gone bad. And now it's time to share this side of you with the world with a messy side braid or two. Wear this after party look to get the party started on and off the runway this Fashion Week.

3. Mr. Hard To Get- Mohawk

You know you're a king but you just need a crown. Rule the world (or just your posse) with a slick and stylish Mohawk. Tame it down when you go to work or choose to cool it differently to let it show even if it's worn low. Nothing says hard to get better than a pronounced crown.

4. Ms.Colour Goddess- Dip Dye

You're the kind who can change destinies, what's the big deal about changing the color of your hair? Be the color you feel like being. Lives transform when it's a do or dye kind of situation.

5. Ms.Foxy Curls- Messy Lob

Bouncy, twirly, messy and definitely curvy - let the world learn how to handle your foxiness. Flirtatious and luscious that's what a stubborn set of curls says about you. If you always get what you want, you need some curls to flaunt.

6. Ms Super Star- Bouffant half up half down

You dismiss the world with the flick of your wrist, now you can show just how much you don't care. Let your hairdo exceed your mega high standards with a stylish bouffant.

7. Mr Manipulator- Pompadour

Does your reputation precede you in all your interactions? Can people never find out whether they love you or hate you? Do you often get your way even if it's a win-lose? Then a pompadour is your only tell. We know you'll wear it, flaunt it but never reveal how you manage to ace it.

With the right product and the right style to match your personality, you'll have no more excuses for a bad hair day. Unleash your inner you today!