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This Facebook Page Guarantees You The Same Photo Of Salman Khan Every Day


Salman Khan mania just doesn't end, does it? Close on the heels of an elaborate restaurant dedicated to the superstar opening in Mumbai last week is a hilarious Facebook page that delivers exactly what it promises. The page, called 'The Same Photo Of Salman Khan Everyday', is...well...pretty much exactly that.

Based on a similar page dedicated to Hollywood actor-comedian Jim Carrey, The Same Photo Of Salman Khan Everyday was started in December 2014 by 23-year-old Harshit Prakash. A final year computer science engineering student at Delhi's Indraprastha University, Prakash set up the page a few days before his seventh semester exams just to clear his mind. "I had been studying a lot and needed a distraction for a bit," he says.

Since then, he has been manning the page along with his friend Kshitij Dhyani, 31. Using a photograph of Salman Khan that is at least a decade old (from the looks of his hairline, before he underwent hair transplant procedures), the page puts out out just one post a day sans any kind of comment.

"There's no big deal in managing this page, really," says Prakash. "It's funny all by itself and all we really have to do is, sometimes, reply to some of the comments, which are mostly done by Kshitij." An examination of the posts reveals a consistent number of likes and comments everyday. Most people seem to be in on the joke, of course — for instance, a recent comment reads: "How you keep the content on this page so fresh and updated, I'll never know. I particularly loved Thursday's post, but Friday was a little average. Thanks for the good work admin! :)".

Prakash says he and his co-admin are not fans of the actor or Bollywood and basically wanted to reference a "funny era in Bollywood" when Khan starred in family-friendly Rajshri films, often playing the role of a person named 'Prem', and seemed generally well-behaved and obedient. "Now, of course, his public image is the opposite and it is this contrast that we found really funny."

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