11/03/2015 5:06 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

AAP In Disarray As Yadav And Bhushan Release Statement To Volunteers

FILE - In this Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015 file photo, Aam Aadmi Party, or Common Man’s Party leader Arvind Kejriwal, center, coughs while the party's senior leader Ashutosh, left, and others shout slogans to celebrate the party's election performance in New Delhi, India. Kejriwal, the former tax official with the chronic cough and the ill-fitting sweaters, the man who had remade himself into a champion for clean government, seemed lost in the political wilderness. The crusading politician was suddenly a punchline. But on Wednesday, Feb. 11, there was Kejriwal on the front page of nearly every Indian newspaper, celebrating election results that again make him New Delhi's chief minister. Kejriwal and the party he created routed the country's best-funded and best-organized political machine and dealt an embarrassing blow to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (AP Photo/Manish Swarup, File)

NEW DELHI — The Aam Aadmi Party was thrown into further disarray on Wednesday after a series of whirlwind developments. Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan released a five page letter to AAP volunteers, giving their version of the events that have led to a standoff between them and other senior leaders headed by Arvind Kejriwal. This was barely an hour after senior AAP leader Anjali Damania quit the party, upset over allegations against Kejriwal, who reportedly played divisive politics last year.

In the joint statement by Bhushan and Yadav, they have written to volunteers in order to give a background to events that took place leading up to allegations of anti-party activities against them.

"Our fight is to ensure party remains true to its founding principles," Bhushan has said. Yadav added that the duo would not be making any more statements to media following the letter.

Bhushan and Yadav have refuted several allegations levelled against them in the past few days, and in previous months, claiming they have worked for the party's welfare. Alleging that the inner-party workings have not been democratic and fair on several matters in the past 10 months, the duo said they had opposed some party decisions that they claimed were made unilaterally by a choice few leaders.

Yadav had earlier claimed that Delhi MLAs were being forced to sign a petition against him and Bhushan by other senior party leaders. On the other hand, a party MLA on Wednesday started a signature campaign seeking the expulsion of the the Bhushans and Yadav from its ranks.

Kapil Mishra, the AAP MLA from Karawal Nagar, started the campaign on Wednesday, saying that he has so far got a positive "response" from fellow party MLAs.

"I will give this petition, with the support of our MLAs, to Arvind (Kejriwal) ji once he comes back. I have spoken to all our MLAs and they have agreed to sign the petition," said Mishra, who also called for "exemplary action" against those found to be involved in anti-party activities.

The young party, barely a month after their astounding win in Delhi elections, has been in deep turmoil with frequent instances of infighting.

Meanwhile Damania, who was the AAP's convenor in Maharashtra, quit the party on Wednesday. She took the step after ex-AAP leader Rajesh Garg released an audio recording where Kejriwal allegedly tells him over the phone to get support from Congress leaders by asking them to leave the party first. This conversation allegedly took place before the Delhi Vidhan Sabha split last year, Garg has claimed.

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Damania has demanded an inquiry into the allegations within 48 hours.

AAP leader Preeti Menon has been sent to convince Damania to reconsider her resignation.

Full Text Of Yogendra Yadav And Prashant Bhushan's Letter To AAP Volunteers: