06/03/2015 7:00 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Telengana's First Holi Captured By Floating Drone

NOAH SEELAM via Getty Images
Indian revellers play with coloured powder during Holi celebrations in Hyderabad on March 6, 2015. Holi, also called the Festival of Colours, is a popular Hindu spring festival observed in India at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month. AFP PHOTO / Noah SEELAM (Photo credit should read NOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty Images)

Dhol beats, impromptu dancing and the presence of an overhead drone camera marked Holi celebrations for the first time in the new southern state of Telangana on Friday.

Splashed in assorted colour and water, people from all walks of life gathered on maidans in Hyderabad to observe the festival of colours with joy, fervour and enthusiasm.

Some attempted to form human pyramids. Some waved at the drone camera hovering above.

One of the revellers expressed happiness to be the part of first Holi celebrations after Telangana became a state.

"Happy Holi to all viewers. Happy to be a part of first Holi in Telangana," said a resident of Hyderabad.

In Kanpur, devotees gathered at the Anandeshwar Temple in huge numbers to celebrate the auspicious festival.

"This is the 22nd year of Holi celebrations here, there used to be only four to five people when we began. Now, you can see the enthusiasm among the people, Nowhere in the country is the festival celebrated the way it is celebrated here," said a devotee.

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