06/03/2015 8:18 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Delhi Police Beef Security Up For Holi

Jeremy Horner via Getty Images
BARSANA, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA - 2013/03/21: Even policemen can't quite escape the colours of Holi. Revellers gather at the Shriji Temple (Laadli Sarkar Mahal), during Lathmar Holi, smeared with coloured powder. It is held during a full moon and the town becomes swamped with tourists and revellers making the pilgrimage for a glimpse of 'God', the Lord Shiva, who is revealed inside the temple only fleetingly.. (Photo by Jeremy Horner/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Delhi Traffic Police has made elaborate arrangements to rein in stunt bikers, drunken driving and violating other traffic norms during Holi this year as policemen armed with cameras will video graph offenders. If those violating traffic rules cannot be prosecuted on the spot due to rush, challans will be sent at home.

Last years more than 4000 persons were booked at their residences for indulging in traffic violations during religious festivals and were prosecuted later after being video graphed by police.

Over 200 special checking teams of traffic police along with PCR vans and local police have been deployed this time to check incidents of drink and drive, speeding and reckless driving. Special teams with alcometers and 20 interceptors will also be deployed at major intersections to detect and prosecute violators.

If a motorist is caught violating traffic rules, he would not just have to pay the fine but police may also impound the vehicle or even arrest the driver.

"In case of drunken driving, besides prosecution, the drivers can be arrested and their vehicles would be impounded," said Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Muktesh Chander.

Drunken driving is punishable with a jail term and suspension of driving license besides fines.

"Violators shall also be counseled on the spot about the negative effects of drunk driving and the dangers that are associated with the menace," the officer said.

Incidents of driving without helmet and motorbike stunts are common during the festive season, but Delhi Police in their advisory has warned that there will be zero tolerance against such violation.

Police is geared up to take action against the owner of the vehicle if any minor or unauthorized person is caught driving. Similar action will be taken against those performing of stunts on motorbike or driving without valid license, police said.

"Cops will not only ensure safety of the motorist but will also keep a check on incidents of drunken driving, over-speeding, reckless driving, zig-zag driving, dangerous driving, red light jump, triple riding, minor driving, driving/riding without helmet, performing stunts on two-wheelers and other traffic offences," he said.

Delhi police data show that last year, on Holi, 13,015 prosecutions were made out of which 5633 were for riding without Helmet, 1544 for red light jump, 1464 for triple riding, 139 for dangerous driving and 2090 drivers were prosecuted for drunken driving. In addition, 881 vehicles were also impounded during the special drive.