05/03/2015 4:52 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Delhi Gangrape Victim Documentary Uploaded Online, Trends On Social Media

British filmmaker Leslee Udwin addresses a press conference on her documentary film

Despite the Modi government's efforts to ban the telecast of India's Daughter, a documentary by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin on Delhi gangrape victim named 'Nirbhaya' by some sections of the media, the film has been uploaded online. On Thursday morning, soon after it was shared widely on Twitter, #IndiasDaughter became the number 1 trending topic worldwide.

The hour-long film, which interviews a number of people connected with the tragic incident including the accused and their lawyers, was banned in India on Wednesday after Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh assured Parliament it wouldn't be aired in the country. Besides procuring a restraining order against its telecast from the Delhi High Court, the government also asked the Ministry of External Affairs and the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to ensure that the film wouldn't be aired on any platform across the world.

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However, on Wednesday night, BBC broadcast India's Daughter while it was approximately 3.30 am Thursday morning in India.

Now, the documentary is also available online and is being widely shared on social media. Several users tweeted out the link as well as their reactions to the film. The response has been extremely polarised. Here are some users who reacted in its favour:

But not all reactions were positive. Many expressed their anger with the decision to give Nirbhaya's rapists airtime and the way this would affect people watching the film.

While many people expressing their negative impressions of the film used the hashtag #NirbhayaInsulted, many others also used it to counter their views.

Last checked (on Thursday evening), despite media reports saying that the home ministry had asked for the documentary to be pulled down, it was still being shared and amassing views.