24/02/2015 8:16 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

What This Fan Did For Jayalalithaa's Birthday Is Shocking!

The Washington Post via Getty Images
CHENNAI - Feb. 9: Former movie star Jayalalitha Jayaram -- known as 'Amma' to her supporters -- is the convicted former chief minister of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, but she continues to run the government by proxy while under house arrest. Her face is seen everywhere -- on billboard, graffiti and civic institutions.(Photo by Annie Gowen/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Martial arts expert Shihan Hussaini, an ardent fan of former Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa, today crucified himself for six minutes and seven seconds to celebrate the birthday of the AIADMK chief who turns 67 tomorrow.

"There is no Indian who has crucified himself for some cause. There is no one across the globe who has done this. I love Madam and whenever we went to her, she had always helped us. I just did this for her long life and for her to come back as the chief minister," Hussaini told .

"I am big admirer of her (Jayalalithaa). I was laughed at for this event. I was told it was an AIADMK stunt. No AIADMK Minister was here when I crucified myself today," he said.

On why he undertook crucification, Hussain said he is an expert in karate, a martial art form where pain, tolerance and self-control are major components of training.

"I strongly feel prayers are heard and the Cross is a powerful symbol," he said.

Hussaini who did his schooling in Christian institutions, said his family did not support him when he informed them about the event.

"My wife was apprehensive and my sister said she would even file a police complaint. But I know my body and went ahead with my proposal," he said.

Doctors from Global Hospitals and Fortis Malar accompanied Hussaini during the event.

"I was taken to the hospital and now I am alright. There is no major injury to nerves or bones," he said.