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Arvind Kejriwal Joins With Anna Hazare Against Modi's Land Ordinance

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NEW DELHI, INDIA - AUGUST 03: Social activist Anna Hazare having a word with Arvind Kejriwal during their agitation against corruption at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on Friday, 3rd August, 2012. (Photo by Parveen Negi/India Today Group/Getty Images)

In a second reunion, Arvind Kejriwal, leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, will join forces with Gandhian activist Anna Hazare, who kicked off a two-day protest against the Modi government's Land Ordinance on Monday in Delhi.

Delhi's Chief Minister Kejriwal will join Hazare on Tuesday at Jantar Mantar, where the 77-year-old activist is protesting against the changes made to the Land Acquisition Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013. These changes, brought about by an emergency order in December, ease the land acquisition process in order to accelerate stalled projects worth billions of dollars, but dilute the consent needed from the concerned communities.

Kejriwal met Hazare on Monday evening, and touched his feet, NDTV reported. "Arvind and I will sit on dharna with Anna after the (Delhi assembly) session at 3 pm," Manish Sisodia told, his close aide, reporters after the 30 minute meeting.

The Modi government will introduce the Land Acquisition Bill in parliament on Tuesday, which will replace the ordinance, TOI reported.

The Land Acquisition, enacted under the Manmohan Singh government, requires 70 percent of the land-owning community to give consent to allow acquisition for public-private partnership projects. Eighty percent consent is required for private sector projects.

The changes made by the Bhartiya Janata Party-led government to the law relaxed the consent clause for acquisition of land in five areas—defence purposes, rural infrastructure, affordable housing and housing projects for the poor, industrial corridors, and infrastructure or social infrastructure projects, including those in public-private projects in which ownership of land will remain with the government.

Hazare, whose protest coincides with the commencement of the Budget Session, has described the movement against the Land Ordinance as the "second war of independence."

“How can you take away land without farmer’s consent? India is an agricultural country. The government must think about the farmers. The land ordinance is undemocratic,” Hazare said, the Indian Express reported.

“The government cannot be indifferent to the farmers’ interest. This is a government of the people of India and not of England or America. It is the people who have made the government,” he said.

Kejriwal and Hazare led the anti-corruption movement in 2011, but the two leaders parted aways after AAP's leader decided to take a political route by forming his own party in 2012.

While Hazare was joined by hundreds of protestors at Jantar Mantar on Monday, #AnnaReturns was the top Twitter trend. The social media platform was flooded with messages supporting as well as censuring the veteran activist's latest agitation.

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