24/02/2015 6:09 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

A Street Art Project Is Transforming Pune's Kasba Peth

Harshvardhan Kadam

Since the last week of January, Pune's oldest neighbourhood has been wearing a new look. The area, called Kasba Peth, has been the site for the ongoing Pune Street Art Project, which began in the last week of January.

Multidisciplinary artist Harshvardhan Kadam (aka Inkbrushnme) is the man behind Pune Street Art Project, which is now in its second edition (the first was in 2013). His idea behind this edition is to sow the seeds of street art in a part of the city that is miles and years removed from it. "In ancient times, Kasba Peth was the point from where the city of Pune started," he said, in a phone conversation with HuffPost India. "It was important to me that this movement needed to begin at the historical and geographical centre of the city."

The ongoing festival, slated to continue for at least another week, features more than 20 artists. Of these, nearly half are from outside India. "The locals were very fascinated to see that there were artists who weren't Indian painting in their neighbourhood. A lot of young kids started taking us around, showing us surfaces we could paint on. It became a very organic community activity, with residents giving us refreshments while we all painted," says Kadam, who was involved with the project himself.

To check out more updates on Pune Street Art Project, check out their Facebook page. If you are in Pune and feel like checking out all this art for yourself, here's a helpful blog-post that gives details of where all the murals are situated.