19/02/2015 3:09 PM IST | Updated 19/09/2016 1:16 AM IST

Good Girls Don't Have Breasts: Viral Spoof Has 'Bad' Women Chuckling On Social Media


Nearly nine months after a viral cultural spoof Adarsh Balak (An ideal boy) took social media by storm, a similar take on the ‘habits of an ideal girl’, simply titled ‘A Bad Girl’, is being widely circulated on Twitter and Facebook.

The image, which puts a satirical spin on retro Indian Book Depot posters depicting the ideal habits of good Indian boys and girls, shows sari-clad women indulging in a number of ‘indecent’ activities, which include drinking, smoking, riding motorbikes, falling in love in the park, and letching (sic) at other boys.

The dichotomy of being female in India is highlighted in panels that depict both eating too much and too little as ‘bad’ qualities. Another panel highlights the seemingly unforgivable crime committed by every girl alive: being in possession of breasts.

'A Bad Girl' went viral after user @Joylita tweeted it out on Wednesday.

It bears similarity to the style and tone of the popular Adarsh Balak illustrations created by Mumbai-based artist Priyesh Trivedi, who confirmed on a phone call that this isn’t one of his creations. As of this moment, the creator of this illustration is unknown.

The image has gone viral on social media and is one of the top non-political topics on the Reddit India front page. Here are some reactions to the image.

And here's an ideal boy: