18/02/2015 12:16 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Twitter Adds Hashtag Support For Global Languages

Eden Golshani/Twitter

Twitter rolled out hashtag support for global languages recently, in a feature they’re calling ‘Global Hashtags’.

While an official announcement hasn’t been made yet — Eden Golshani, Software engineer at Twitter sent out a few tweets to test the feature last week, demonstrating hashtag support for 11 Indian languages along with Cherokee, Armenian, Greek, Tibetian, and Amharic.

Raheel Khursheed, head of news at Twitter India confirmed the Indian languages getting hashtag support, linking to an example of tweets being hashtagged in Indian languages. Hashtags can also be a combination of two languages.

Blaft, a Chennai-based publisher of the Obliterary Journal was one of the first to make use of the feature.

Twitter users have already discovered this feature, making #जयहिन्द trend on Sunday during the cricket World Cup match between India and Pakistan. Tonight, Tamil users made their script the top Twitter trend in India with #தமிழ்வாழ்க, (Tamilvalka), which means 'Long Live Tamil'.