14/02/2015 5:33 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

20 Noteworthy Quotes From Arvind Kejriwal's Speech As Delhi CM


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal was sworn-in as the eighth chief minister of Delhi at the Ramlila Ground in front of tens of thousands of AAP supporters. Kejriwal, who led his party to a stunning victory in the recently concluded assembly polls, is expected to keep the key portfolios of Home, Power and Finance with himself.

Here are some highlights of what Arvind Kejriwal said after taking oath as Delhi's chief minister, where he urged traders to pay their taxes, and the media to not ask for timelines with respect to work in the national capital.

  1. I request the media to not ask me for a timeline for the work I want to do. Other parties couldn't do it in years; in order to complete our work, we will work 24 hours a day if necessary.
  2. AAP volunteers are pearls, they are gold. Sometime, tales of their dedication brings tears to my eyes. We have been elected as MLAs, but what did all these supporters, who have quit their jobs to support the party, get?
  3. We want your businesses to grow. But for that, all of you need to pay your taxes with honesty. It is possible that by now whatever tax you paid, some amount might have been stolen. But now, no one will be able to steal it.
  4. We want to stop this VIP culture. Do you like it when a minister is travelling and roads are blocked and traffic jammed for an hour?
  5. I have at least learnt one thing in the 49 days of my governance, that there is no dearth of money in the government. There is enough money, there is a lack of intention.
  6. I knew people of Delhi love us. But I did not know they love us so much. (On winning 67 of 70 seats.)
  7. When the votes were counted, the seats were raining. This has to be a miracle.
  8. People from all sections, religions voted for us.
  9. God is trying to convey a message (by giving AAP such a majority). We have to understand the message.
  10. When such a big victory comes, arrogance follows. We need to be humble.
  11. I see (some) arrogance in the AAP. This is not right.
  12. We were over ambitious in the Lok Sabha election. We were taught a lesson.
  13. If AAP volunteers do anything wrong, police should give them double the punishment.
  14. We have to make Delhi the first corruption-free city in India. We can do it.
  15. I respect Kiran Bedi. She is like my elder sister.
  16. We will make Delhi a secure city for all.
  17. I will stay in Delhi and work for Delhi's development for five years.
  18. If anybody demands bribe, do a sting with your mobile phone and send the recording to us.
  19. Please leave Delhi to the people of Delhi. (To Prime Minister Narendra Modi.)
  20. I am sure the Indian cricket team will win the World Cup.

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