13/02/2015 5:00 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

India's Cricket Team Has Found Its Biggest Cheerleader On Twitter


It’s no surprise that the Prime Minister of a cricket-obsessed nation is a fan of the sport. On Thursday, Narendra Modi sent out a flurry of tweets, much to the amusement of many regular Twitter users, to Indian cricketers highlighting each individual's strengths on (and in Virat Kohli's case, off) the field.

The Indian Prime Minister's encouraging tweets could not have come at a better time. Our cricket team, not exactly in the best shape ahead of the World Cup, needs all the cheerleading it can get as it takes on Pakistan in their first World Cup match in Adelaide on Sunday.

"I wish our flamboyant vice captain (Kohli) the very best for the upcoming campaign," Modi tweeted.

But Modi did not stop at tweeting. He called up his Pakistani counterpart, Nawaz Sharif, along with the heads of other SAARC countries today, to convey his wishes for their teams participating in the World Cup.

Modi tweeted: "Am sure WC will celebrate sportsman spirit and will be a treat for sports lovers." Five SAARC nations are playing this time.

"Cricket connects people in our region and promotes goodwill. Hope players from SAARC region play with passion and bring laurels to the region," he said.

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has predicted that India, along with Australia, New Zealand and South Africa will reach the semis during a talk show on Headlines Today.

"The 2011 the team was more balanced. We almost beat South Africa in South Africa," Tendulkar said. India is a better One Day side, Tendulkar contended but said our bowling needs to "step up a bit".

But not many share Modi's enthusiasm about the prospects of India at the WC.

"After the 2011 World Cup, India were the 50-over champions and the number-one ranked Test team. But it all began to unravel within a few months as India limped one from embarrassing overseas Test defeat to the next", wrote Anjali Doshi for Quartz.

"The nadir was losing 2-1 at home to England in 2012-13", she said.

Cricketer Shane Warne had more confidence in a team which has gone through a bad spell recently.

“I just think they haven’t clicked yet. In a World Cup you need your senior players and major players to stand up, and if that happens you’re going to go pretty close to winning it,” The Wall Street Journal quoted Warne as saying in Melbourne.

Here are the tweets that Modi sent out: