05/02/2015 12:13 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

Singles Who Use Emojis Get More Sex!

dejanj01 via Getty Images

A new survey has found out that singles who use emoji frequently get more opportunities to go between the sheets.

The survey conducted by The Match.com approached more than 5600 people and found that 54 per cent of emoji users had sex in 2014 compared to 31 per cent of singles who did not have sex, News.com.au reported.

The study also found that 64 per cent of men and 46 per cent of women who use emojis get regular sex, although that mismatched figure suggests that some of those emoji-loving men are having sex by themselves, the emoji-loving women have more partners than emoji-loving men or that people will say anything on a survey when asked about either emoji or sex, or both.

The survey found three emoji singles would never use in emoji flirting to include a picture of lips.

Single men are more likely to use a face blowing a kiss or heart eyes while single women are more likely to use a smiley face or a pair of lips.