05/02/2015 9:05 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

The Morning Wrap: Home Secretary Sacked, School Locks Up 250 Students For Not Paying Fees

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NEW DELHI, INDIA - JUNE 30: New Home Secretary Anil Goswami after taking charge at North Block in New Delhi on Sunday. (Photo by K Asif/India Today Group/Getty Images)

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Main News

The government sacked Union Home Secretary Anil Goswami after it emerged that he had a role in delaying former minister Matang Sinh's arrest, for his role in the Saradha chit fund scam. Goswami, who was sacked four months before his tenure was due to end in June will be replaced by L C Goyal, a Kerala cadre IAS officer of the 1979 batch.

For all of Modi's rhetoric of 'minimum government and maximum governance,' The Times of Indiareports plans for a gargantuan, intensively-monitored, inter-connected warren of ministries to be spread over 20 million square metres in the heart of Delhi.

In a laudable instance of using the law to achieve social justice the Gujarat government has asked a private school in Ahmedabad to exempt an HIV-infected boy from paying fees, citing provisions of the RTE Act. The school, it emerges, has promptly complied.

The Hindu reports that India may have agreed to share data on nuclear material and equipment used in its plans with the United States, in an unusual departure from its current policies on the same. This adds further confusion to India's actual net gain from the 'reworked' Indo-US nuclear deal.

For all the show on all-woman contingents at the Republic Day celebrations, the Hindustan Times reports that the Indian Army has explicitly conveyed to the ministry of defence and the chiefs of staff committee, that "no combat role is envisaged" for lady officers.

Bishops from the Vatican have been denied Indian visas for a meeting in Bengaluru. Though the reasons are unclear, the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India (CCBI) is upset as this comes on the back of several incidents of vandalism in churches and sporadic 'ghar wapsi' rhetoric.

Off The Front Page

Former TMC minister Madan Mitra, now behind bars for his involvement in the Saradha scam, was found nursing a hangover by jail authorities.

Until being apprehended earlier this week, Surendra alias Dhara Singh, an alleged Chambal dacoit and fugitive with a Rs-85,000 bounty, has been getting by for the last three years ferrying packing-cases for Amul ice cream between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

The Orissa police closed down a firing range after stray bullets ricocheted and hit several houses in a nearby village.

The Madras High Court is putting its head to a weighty case in which a woman in Tamil Nadu has complained that her son has been barred from going to school since last October by the police and was beaten by the station inspector, simply because the boy and a couple of his friends had stolen food from a fellow-classmate's lunchbox.

250 students of Hilltop Public School in Kerala, some as young as eight years old, were locked up in a hall for hours and denied water as punishment by the authorities for not paying their fees.


Seema Chisti in The Indian Express underlies the historical significance of the forthcoming Delhi elections by articulating that "the capital was where one travelled -- to change the course of one's life and to change politics..."

Happymon Jacob argues in The Hindu that India and Pakistan should work out a new ceasefire agreement instead of engaging in destructive military one-upmanship that's killing soldiers and people in both countries.

Anurag Behar says in Mint that there is a need to re-imagine the role of teachers and their status in society to improve their effectiveness.