04/02/2015 1:26 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

Five Key Promises AAP And BJP Are Making Delhi Voters


NEW DELHI: With it becoming increasingly likely that it will be a neck and neck race between the Bharatiya Janata Party and Aam Aadmi Party for the Delhi Assembly Elections this Saturday, here's a look at five of the key promises the two parties have made to voters ahead of the election.

BJP released it's "Vision Document" on Tuesday, while AAP had released it's manifesto last Saturday.

Delhi's Identity

The BJP wants to make Delhi a "world class city". Its big push is towards interconnecting all public transport in the city, accessible via a single smart card. The BJP Vision Document promises world class bus depots, as well as GPS and CCTVs on public transport vehicles.

Meanwhile AAP wants a Delhi "that reflects aspirations of people from all walks of life," according to their manifesto. The party has called for removal of "VIP culture" where elected representatives in Delhi will not have cars fitted with red beacons, be allotted expensive government bungalows, or excessive police protection. It has also sought full statehood for Delhi, where decisions would be taken by elected representatives of people instead of the central government "which is far removed from the people." BJP, which has long supported full statehood for Delhi, is silent on the matter this time.

Women's Safety

Both parties have announced a slew of measures for protecting women's rights in the city notorious for its crime rate. The BJP has promised that every police district will have a special women's station, and a special call centre set up at the chief minister's office which will be operational round the clock. AAP has, in the meanwhile, promised to implement all provisions suggested by the Justice Verma Committee which was formed following the Nirbhaya case. They have also pushed for proper street lighting and CCTVs in public spaces for enhanced women's safety.

Both parties have proposed a women's security force—while the BJP wants to set it up under the CM's office working in tandem with Delhi Police, AAP wants to build it out of the existing Home Guard. Fast track courts to dispose off cases are also on agenda.

'Bijli' (Electricity)

Both parties have promised to reduce electricity rates, with AAP promising they would be halved. While BJP wants to bring power companies under the Right To Information Act, AAP wants to audit them and introduce competition between discoms. Both parties have pledged to make Delhi a "solar city"—BJP will fund solar power panels and AAP will ensure that a fifth of Delhi's energy needs are met through solar power by 2025.

'Paani' (Water)

The plans for clean, accessible water in the city are almost identical for both parties. They want to make water available in every home, with cleaning up the Yamuna and bringing water from the Munak Canal in Haryana high on their priority list. Scrutiny of the Delhi Jal Board, crackdown on water mafia, and rainwater harvesting are some of the other plans both parties have announced ahead of the elections.

'Makaan' (Housing)

The BJP has announced multi-level housing for jhuggi (slum) dwellers, with free water, subsidised electricity and power, a gas connection, and proper toilets. AAP, too, has promised to regularise unauthorised colonies and give slum dwellers either plots of land or flats with a clean environment.

Here is the full text of the BJP Vision Document:

Vision Delhi 2015 - English (1)

Here is the full text of the AAP Manifesto:

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