02/02/2015 9:50 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

The Morning Wrap: Modi To Visit China, Jet Fuel Cheaper Than Diesel

An employee of a fuel station counts Indian currency Rupees to give change to a customer after filling diesel in his car in Ahmadabad, India, Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014. India freed diesel prices from government control Sunday while raising natural gas tariffs in the biggest-yet reform by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government, as it aims to boost the country's economy and overhaul its energy sector. (AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

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Main News

PM Modi will visit China before June, said external Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, in what is seen as a diplomat balancing act by India to put a smile back on China after it frowned over Modi's breathless fawning over Obama's visit last week. China and India have indicated that they will move to take steps not to leave outstanding border issues "to the next generation."

In what maybe early signs that the contagious swine flu may be on its way to becoming endemic in the country, the Andhra Pradesh health authorities have maintained that most of the people who tested positive for swine flu in the State did not have an overseas travel history. This comes, even as Indian doctors report in a top medical journal of "a disturbing rise" in the proportion of patients with tuberculosis resistant to second-line drugs, or drugs that are used only when key first-line medicines have failed.

Islamic State militants said on Saturday they had beheaded a second Japanese hostage, journalist Kenji Goto, after the failure of international efforts to secure his release through a prisoner swap. This ending a gruesome and tense standoff between the militant organisation and several allied countries over an exchange of prisoners.

Ousted former foreign secretary Sujatha Singh said she was to quit much earlier but couldn't, as the Prime Minister's Office wanted her to delete a reference, in her resignation letter, that she was doing so on the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

'Achhe din' may still be several months away as key indicators of the health of the economy haven't really changed and a survey by industry body Assocham--representative of those who've most cheered the advent of the new government-- suggests that a majority of business leaders say "not much" has changed since Modi became Prime Minister.

Many of them also do not foresee any change in investment plans even during the current quarter though they may change their views if the RBI follows through on expectations of a rate cut on Tuesday.

In a clear indication that Modi can send jitters among his own partymen, the PM cautioned voters in Delhi on Sunday against delivering a fractured mandate in the Delhi polls next week and said that were a BJP government in Delhi to form, it would be "afraid of Modi" and thus forced to perform.

Maybe it's time to trade your car for an airplane as jet fuel prices have been cut by 11.3 per cent and now cost less than both petrol and diesel.

Off The Front Page

The Swachh Bharat campaign is about wiping the streets clean but thieves in Chennai have made an emphatic beginning by whisking a Rs 80,000 modular public toilet, off the streets.

To tighten its tardy public image, Air India has said it will fine employees who show up late and thus delay a plane's departure.

In an election rally in Delhi on Sunday, chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi threatened to stop her speech midway as she was getting distracted by a noisy crowd that had assembled. She relented after her colleagues pointed out that the crowd was, in fact, chanting Modi's name

An Indian couple is the world's first to have successfully completed the World Marathon Challenge 2015, where participants have to cover seven half-marathons across seven continents in seven days. The duo ran 148 km and spent 59 hours flying 38,000 km to reach the venues.

Even as the Uttar Pradesh police were befuddled last week on finding 100 human skeletons in a locked room in Unnao district, reports of several more stacks of bone and viscera emerged from other districts such as Bahraich, Gorakhpur and Moradabad districts of the state. Less than a month ago, the UP administration dealt with the disturbing publicity of several bodies floating down the Ganges.

To ensure that the devout aren't ripped off for satiating the alcohol cravings of their gods, the Madhya Pradesh government has resorted to the unusual step of setting up liquor counters outside the popular Kal Bhairav temple here, to ensure that devotees aren't swindled by non-licensed vendors of alcohol, a popular offering at the shrine.


Sunita Narain in the Business Standardsays that as environmental problems have grown, the institutions for the oversight and management of natural resources have shrunk.

Bina Agrawal in The Indian Express cites the recent biopics on mathematician Alan Turing and physicist Stephen Hawking to argue that prejudice and social impediments may be obstructing several Indian talents and intellects.