30/01/2015 3:35 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

Watch Barack Obama 'Sing' Bruno Mars' Latest Release 'Uptown Funk'


A bunch of YouTube users decided that US President Barack Obama could do with an extra dose of swag. And who better to turn to than artist Bruno Mars for inspiration?

According to a report, the video was made after a Dallas high school teacher gave his students the ultimate assignment to create a music video inspired by the hit single. The Barackdubs took their task very seriously, and the clip has already received more than 5 million page views.

While the President is not actually singing, the video involves a mashup of video clips from different speeches, where every word is clearly enunciated. It also makes one wonder about the things Obama says in his speeches: The songs' lyrics include 'Michelle Pfeiffer' and Obama has used both words - while the first is an obvious one, it leaves us wondering where, why and when Obama would use Pfeiffer as part of his speech!

The report also mentioned that Mars shared the video on Facebook and wrote that "I cried at the end. I'm still a thug though. Thank you to everyone involved in making this video."

Mark Ronson also tweeted out his thanks to the Barackdubs.

In the past, the Barackdubs have also got Obama to sing Problem by Ariana Grande and Fancy by Iggy Azalea.