29/01/2015 4:18 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

The Most Hilariously Offensive Jokes On Karan Johar From The AIB Knockout


Roasts, a relatively new genre for Indians watching insult comedy online or during live performances, got a huge boost after some of India’s best comedians released a series of videos on YouTube of their take down of two of Bollywood’s young stars and a panel of colleagues filmed during a live performance in Mumbai.

The three-part All India Bakchod Knockout on YouTube had social media buzzing with their roast of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh with director Karan Johar officiating as Roastmaster in front of 4000 people at Worli in Mumbai.

The first video cautioned users – “following video is filthy, rude and offensive” and lived up to its warning as comedians took jibes at each other and at the stars they were roasting. Tanmay Bhat, Ashish Shakya, Rohan Joshi, Abish Mathew, Aditi Mittal, Gursimran Khamba were part of the panel along with Raghu Ram, the brains behind the reality show Roadies on MTV, and noted film critic Rajeev Masand.

The writing was hilarious. Lines like these - “I'm not saying Ranveer Singh does s**t films, but truly, the last good thing he was in was Deepika Padukone,” were thrown about, bringing the house down. No one was immune. Alia Bhatt, sitting in the front row had her IQ questioned. Again.

Singh endured a lot of jokes on his sex life; “Ranveer you did an ad for Durex. It's the first time I saw a condom being endorsed by an STD.”

But Johar, rumoured to be gay, was the butt of the most hilariously offensive jokes through the roast. He dished out as good as he got, but still was hit so many times that he was seen visibly mouthing “why me?” more than once. But he joined in the uproarious fun like a good sport.

Here are some of the most outrageous jokes on Johar.

“I'd like to thank the entire panel for coming out today and Karan for not.”

“Parineeti Chopra is not here tonight because we said she'd get f****d by 10 dudes in front of 4000 people. Karan Johar is here tonight because we told him he'd get f****d by 10 dudes in front of 4000 people.”

“Give it up for Karan Johar guys, give it up for Karan Johar, like many in the industry have.”

“But seriously Karan - director, producer, writer, actor - you're like four guys in one, exactly how you like it.”

“Did you know Karan Johar is now best friends with Anurag Kashyap so he can get some indie cred? It's the first time in Bollywood someone has slept their way to the bottom.”

“Karan you are exactly like the movies you make, you both have massive openings.”

“Karan your show - Koffee With man...if that show was any more incestuous I'd call it Dadar Parsi Colony.”

“Karan I feel like the only reason you would come out of the closet is if you heard that Jaya Bachchan was waiting outside with a thaali.”

“Look at Karan being openly mean to me, I guess you don't have a movie coming out anytime soon, huh? Karan you joked about how you pay me for good reviews. Here’s a thought - you wouldn't have to pay a critic if you actually paid for a decent f*****g scriptwriter!”

“Why the f**k do so many of your movies pander to the NRI audience? If you pander to the NRIs more I’d have to call you Narendra Modi.”

The AIB Knockout videos posted earlier are no longer available on Youtube.