28/01/2015 10:39 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

Victim Seeks 'Fair Compensation' In Uber Rape Case

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BARCELONA, SPAIN - JULY 01: In this photo illustration, the new smart phone app 'Uber' logo is displayed on a mobile phone next to a taxi on July 1, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Taxi drivers in main cities strike over unlicensed car-halling services. Drivers say that is a lack of regulation behind the new app. (Photo Illustration by David Ramos/Getty Images)

New York -- The 25-year-old woman allegedly raped by an Uber driver will seek a "fair compensation" from the web-based taxi firm to ensure nobody else is assulted by a driver working for the comapny, her US-based lawyer today said.

"My client's goal is to make sure that nobody else is sexually attacked by an Uber driver and that she be fairly compensated for what Uber permitted to happen," the New York lawyer for the woman, Douglas Wigdor, said in an email to regarding the compensation being sought from Uber.

Asked about a media report that claimed his client would demand a "hefty" payout from Uber, Wigdor stressed he had not said that he would demand a "hefty" compensation.

"I never told that reporter we would demand a 'hefty' compensation... at this time we are still strategising so I don't have anything else to tell you," said Wigdor.

He declined to give further details of the case.

Last week, Wigdor had strongly criticised Uber for sending an email directly to his client informing her of its re-entry into the Delhi market.

He had expressed surprise over the company re-entering the market and said he was not confident that the "India-specific safety measures" the firm assures of putting in place will prevent another such incident.

Wigdor had said that Uber had the "audacity" to send an email directly to his client informing her of re-entering the market in Delhi, just weeks after the tragic rape and during the criminal trial of the Uber driver.

"While we have no doubt that Uber is focused on it's bottom-line, we are surprised by this development as we had made it clear to Uber that the rape victim wanted to be part of a consultation process regarding safety procedures to ensure that no other person becomes a victim at the hands of an Uber driver.

"Most unfortunately, this has not happened and we have no confidence that the touted 'India-specific safety measures' will prevent another attack," said the prominent lawyer.

In a post on Twitter, Wigdor's law firm had described as "so offensive," the Uber email to his client in which the company had detailed "sobering losses for drivers and Company. No mention of her losses. #peoplebeforeprofits."

The firm had said that Uber is flaunting laws since it was re-entering the Delhi market "without government approval. #obeythelawuber" and Uber admitting they "must do better" is an "understatement."

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