24/01/2015 1:43 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

10 Awesome Vines That India Needs To Watch


Founded just two years ago, Vine has done to video what Twitter did to writing - forced the creative community to pander to lowered attention spans, cut the flab and make the most out of six seconds of play time. Since they started counting in April 2014, Vine has managed more than 347 billion loops. They've lined up a playlist of 222 Vines that are a fascinating exhibition of creativity.

India’s creator community has yet to adopt Vine in a big way, but there are plenty of pioneers, from brands and social media superstars who have made some interesting six second experiments, some of which have gone viral, others that deserve to go viral.

Most Watched

@MarsOrbiter's stop motion footage of Phobos

Best Timed

@BCCI announces its 15 man squad for the World Cup

Most Transformative

@Premgiamaren shows us men how to lose five years

The Funniest

@Supaarwoman on how Indians order at Subway

The Realest

@kitAnurag tells us what it's like to have rich kid problems

Most Absurd

@Hoezaay transcribes some misheard lyrics

Most Apocalyptic

@Hoezaay brings us a timelapse of Gurgaon traffic

Most Informative

@zoomTV provides a quick snapshot of the Bollywood blockbusters from 2014

The Coolest

@pulkitsamrat shows off his superpowers

Most Memorable

@MSDhoni's epic finisher at the 2011 World Cup