23/01/2015 3:34 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

7 Badass Film Stunts NOT Performed By Rajinikanth (But Just As Awesome)

Indian Tamil superstar Rajnikanth gestures as he sits with other Tamil movie stars during a day long fast in Chennai, India, Tuesday, April 2, 2013, demanding probe into alleged wartime abuses by Sri Lanka. The stars are fasting for a day to protest what they say is the mistreatment of ethnic Tamils in neighboring Sri Lanka and to demand an international probe into alleged wartime abuses there. A U.N. investigation into the final months of the war indicated that the ethnic Sinhalese-dominated government might have killed as many as 40,000 Tamil civilians. (AP Photo/Arun Sankar K)

Actor Rajinikanth's badassery on screen - lighting his cigarettes with pistol shots - is widely known among Indian pop culture fans. But if you imagine for a moment that there were others like him, in fact 7, all of a sudden you begin to question your entire existence.

These gems from the bowels of YouTube sum up the Indian superhero cult - men who perform unbelievable stunts seemingly with little or no effort while maintaining a clinical distance from their subjects - in this case unfortunate everyday objects that are thrown in the air, blown up and trashed.

These logic-defying fight scenes make you make you wonder why these men's talents haven't been exploited for the greater good. There are no colourful underpants and latex tights involved - just good old-fashioned shirts, bright trousers teamed with some really chill shades.

Here are seven perfectly good scenes from Indian films you need to revisit for laughs.

Not everyone can summon fire at the snap of a finger, let alone blow up a car with a knife and a cigarette standing 30 feet away.

They're impervious to bullets

Their superhero gluteus muscles allow them to sit atop flying cars as if they were lounge chairs

A look from them will send villains ricocheting through the air

Forget Capoeira. They can make an ugly fight look like a graceful corpse de ballet.

Their preferred weapon of choice is not a gun. It's the (wait for it) Football!

Easy, affordable heart transplants, anyone?