21/01/2015 12:53 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

Benedict Cumberbatch Tries New Names And 'Sanjay Gupta' Is Such A Smooth Fit


Poor Benedict Cumberbatch. He can't mess up the word 'penguin' without crashing the Internet. When Cumberbatch, with possibly the most charmingly quirky name in the world, decided to try other names, the effect was immediate and devastating to his legions of female fans.

The Oscar-nominated actor of 'Imitation Game' was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night, when he was challenged by the host to try out some new names. Pretending to introduce himself at a dimly lit bar, Cumberbatch sportingly tried out the most hilarious generic and celebrity names keeping a perfectly straight face.

He tried Queen Latifah, Hamburgler, Al Roker, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Chad, George Costanza, 2 Chainz, Inigo Montoya among others.

But one name stood out for his Indian fans. Cumberbatch rolls off 'Sanjay Gupta' so smoothly off his tongue that Indians would definitely want him to keep it.

Gupta, an Indian American physician and TV presenter, was ranked among Forbes' 10 'Most Influential Celebrities'.