19/01/2015 10:06 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

This Is How Shah Rukh Khan Reacted When He Met His Clone


Shah Rukh Khan can't find a closer look-alike than this.

Recently, Red Chillies VFX and Autodesk came together to present Shah Rukh with an epic (albeit very late) birthday present: A 3D printed model of the legendary actor himself, in a classic pose.

SRK's delighted response was recorded, as he examined the model, and struck a series of poses with it. "It’s not just a mere statute," said the actor. "In tandem with Autodesk, this is the first 3D printed model in the world of a full body ever done."

The shiny, silvery statue is a perfect replica of the actor, with his arms stretched out towards the sky as he gazes out, seemingly drinking life in at the very moment. Weighing in at approximately 40kg — a little lighter than SRK, the actor claimed — it replicates SRK's scale in addition to every little detail, even the creases of his pants.

SRK was touched by the gesture and thanked his team saying that he was grateful to be a part of this amazing new technology and was overwhelmed to see how forward technology has come.

As he smiled and posed next to his replica, SRK also said that his next statue would be bare-bodied so everyone would know he has a six-pack. "I don’t know where to keep it. It would be narcissistic to keep it in my house. But I think this can be utilised as a figure of the work I have done over the years."

Shah Rukh also cracked a little joke, saying the statue struck was modelled in this way, because this was the only pose he knows.