03/01/2015 2:40 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

Product Assistant App Haptik Gets A Major Update


Version 2.0 of Haptik, the messenger assistant app, will be rolled out over the next few days on Google Play.

The new update implements 28 changes including a new look that incorporates Google’s Material Design spec, a shortcut menu to frequently asked queries and the ability to add images to messages.

For the uninitiated, Haptik is a mobile assistant that solves the pain point of customer service for end users and businesses. It’s like the instant messenger equivalent of Google search, or the “WhatsApp for Customer Support”.

Haptik uses a team of experts to provide information on Indian products and services. Their team of in-house experts help you find the best mobile plan, do web check in for a flight, make a restaurant reservation, track the status of your online order, find movie timings, locate the nearest ATM, file a complaint with a service provider, and more.

The new redesign reflects the most used services on the app, with a menu that lets you access the ten most frequently asked queries.

“Our philosophy is to give users what they really want.” said Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder and CEO of Haptik, speaking to HuffPost India. “We needed to make the ten things that users use Haptik most for much more prominent.”

The new version adds a cards messaging feature, which lets experts send notifications using images. These can be used by companies to send product updates, announcements, and offers. “These targeted push messages will be sent to user segments who are specifically interested in them.” said Aakrit.

Haptik has partnered with a handful of companies to provide a deeper level of integration - these include Freecharge,, DineOut Concierge, TicketNew, and Hammer and Mop, to name a few. These services provide more than just FAQs on a need-to-know basis. For example, you can make bookings on DineOut Concierge using Haptik.

They also provide support on over 200 other brands and services for free. “We scrape the internet to create a knowledge base internally. It takes a day for us to build content for a company.” said Aakrit.

Haptik is available for free on iOS and Android, and has been downloaded by more than 60,000 users so far. The service is used by 2,000-3,000 users every day, and has processed more than 700,000 messages in December. “In January, we we will hit a million, which will be 10 times what we did six months back.” said Aakrit.

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