26/12/2014 7:56 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

Justice Katju On Gay Marriages: "Nonsense, Humbug"


Justice Markandey Katju, retired Supreme Court judge, former chairman of the Press Council of India and prolific expresser of opinions, today brought his wisdom to bear on gay marriages and single women, and he disapproves of both.

"Nowadays many so called 'modern' people are demanding legalizing gay relationships and gay marriages in India. Some people have asked for my opinion about the issue, so I am expressing it," he wrote in a Facebook post this afternoon. The post was subsequently published on his blog as well.

Then he fires from the shoulders of playwright George Bernand Shaw.

"According to Bernard Shaw, there is a powerful law of nature among all living creatures, that while the individuals will one day die, the species must continue. Thus, the human species must continue, while the individual human beings will die.

This law of nature creates The Life Force, which can be stated as the driving force which ensures that life continues on earth. This Life Force creates a powerful urge in humans to reproduce, and the main role in this is that of the woman. It is she who has to conceive the child, keep the child in her womb for nine months, give birth to the child, then rear the child for several years.

To fulfill this role of nature, a woman has to get hold of a man, not merely to make her pregnant, but also to look after her and provide for her financially while she is performing this role.

Hence, according to Shaw, it is not men who pursue women, but women who pursue men. It is the Life Force which drives women to pursue and catch a mate, who will then look after her while she is performing nature's serious and vital function of continuing the species. Women who remain single are prone to have psychological problems."

He then briefly discusses the precedents of women chasing men depicted in Shaw's play Man and Superman, and the Hollywood film Fatal Attraction before coming to the blindingly brilliant conclusion—"Nowadays there is a lot of talk of gay relationships and gay marriages. To my mind it is all humbug and nonsense."

Will a gay relationship or gay marriage serve nature's requirement of continuing the species ? No, it is only sex between a man and a woman which will give birth to a child, not sex between a man and a man, or between a woman and a woman.

Read the full post here.

Speaking with HuffPost India, Katju defended his post and said his critics on social media were entitled to their opinion. "If I say two plus two is equal to four and you find it offensive, that is your problem."

"I'm entitled to my opinion. What is natural is hetrosexual behaviour. There is a powerful force in the universe that makes women want to have children. Otherwise we will all die out. Unless she becomes pregnant, the human species cannot continue," he said, adding that gay marriages were "unnatural".

He said women who are single should not view his opinion as offensive. "After a certain age, there is a natural requirement to have children, and going against nature cause all kinds of psychological problems."

Was he basing this view on any scientific evidence? "There is something called common sense!" he said.

Katju has previously said that 90% of Indians are idiots.

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