19/12/2014 1:09 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

David Guetta Kickstarts Enchanted Valley Carnival


Last year, the debut of the Enchanted Valley Carnival (EVC) kicked up India’s party scene by several notches with over 25,000 people and 60 plus artists. Various genres of music (from dubstep, pop fusion and experimental music to folk, drum and bass and house), spread over three days were only the start. EVC launched with a plethora of adventure and water sports including hot air ballooning and zorbing, a flea market, and finally a bonfire lit campsite to enjoy under the stars.

2014 promises no less: back with a bang from 19-21 December at Aamby Valley City, Pune, celebrated artist David Guetta kickstarts the festival this year. We talked to him about his love for playing in India, and how the music scene for electronic dance has exploded here thanks to his huge Indian fan base.

Is it good to be back with a new album -- your 6th -- in India for EVC?

I have always loved playing in India. It’s been hard with my recording schedule to find time to go back, but now the album is released, I’m so happy to be able to come back to this magical country. It feels amazing to be back to perform at EVC, for an audience who shows so much love and passion for the music. Yes, I just launched my 6th album which is more organic, and one of the most personal and challenging albums till date. Honestly, I was a little bit scared when it launched, but it hit No1 on iTunes in like 47 countries this week, so I think I can relax a bit now.

Can we expect to hear anything at EVC?

Our single 'Dangerous' is smashing it! I’ll be playing it for sure and look forward to seeing the reaction. Of course, I won’t disappoint by playing my previous hits too! Get ready to party! EVC has a fantastic vibe, and I’m really looking forward to performing, having missed the opportunity earlier. Plus I haven’t’ really performed for my Mumbai fans through my previous visits.

Are you a fan of Indian artists in the same genre?

I haven’t really had the chance to hear any of the homegrown talent. But I’m going to get to play alongside some of them (Anish Sood, Ash Roy, Boom Baba and others) at EVC, and am looking forward to it! I love to collaborate with talented people from all over the world. Having just finished my album, I’m not looking at producing any music right now.

How has the Indian scene for changed since the first time you came here?

Well, EDM is no longer underground. It is as mainstream as pop. The mix between urban and electronic is really what I’m excited about today. The dance music scene has really escalated to a different extent after my debut visit. Dance music is the next thing for the next 10 years. There’s nothing you can do about it.

What’s your favourite Indian city to play in?

I have a huge fan base in the country, and every time I visit it just gets bigger and better! Every concert I have been a part of has been magical in its own right from Pune to Bengaluru to Goa to New Delhi.

What do you love most about your Indian fan base?

The thing I found is that the Indian audience is extremely warm and they receive you very well. That’s something every artist of any stature yearns for.

What would you like to do here that you haven't tried before?

I’d like to sightsee a little if time permits as India has a cultural history worth exploring. I’d also like to give some of the local cuisine and shopping a shot.

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