12/12/2014 6:43 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

Shock, Surprise Greet News About ISIS Twitter Handler From Bengaluru


Mehdi, an advertisement executive from Bangalore, ran one of the most popular Twitter accounts for ISIS under the handle @shamiwitness. His now-defunct account had close to 18,000 followers and nearly two million visitors a month. His blog and Facebook account have also been deleted.

Some media reports said he hailed from West Bengal and that he lived in Bengaluru with his parents.

Mehdi was tracked down by UK's Channel 4, which led to a dash by India's intelligence agencies to nab the man, who had reportedly fled the city.

"If I had a chance, I would have left everything and joined them. But my family needs me here," he told the channel.

He later told the channel that he "doesn't know what to do" after the police started looking for him.

HuffPost India dug up some of his Twitter messages and tracked reactions on social media.

What they said on Twitter: