07/12/2014 4:01 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

11 Yoga Poses You Can Do At Work Without Appearing Crazy

Akshar Yoga

Most corporate desk jobs involve staring at a computer screen for long hours, on workspaces with sub-optimal ergonomics and klunky user-interfaces. Studies say that sitting for over six hours a day can be bad for your health, and reduce your life-span. Besides the long-term health implications, one has to deal with stress-related issues like spondylitis, eye-strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back aches.

Taking frequent breaks and using a standing desk can help you pace yourself, but if you're already in an advanced stage of pain, take some time-out and try these series of Sukshma Vyayam (Subtle Yoga) exercises. "Eight out of 10 people I meet have problem with their shoulders," says Grand Master Akshar, of Akshar Power Yoga Academy. "The body is not made to react on the mouse or keyboard -- I notice that a lot of professionals these days have problems with their immune system and energy levels. Because of the work pressure and a passion to work, they've become an artificial person. Their whole anatomy has changed." If that description hits a bit close to home, try these yoga poses for dealing with desk-related stress.

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