19/05/2014 5:03 PM IST | Updated 19/05/2014 7:29 PM IST

This Is Why Floridians Always Check The Pool Before Jumping In

He didn't even ring the doorbell.

But the 8-foot alligator that showed up at the Bradenton, Florida home of Sharon and John Bente made himself at home anyway -- by taking a dip in the family's swimming pool, right next to a pink pool float.

The unwelcome visitor gave Sharon the shock of a lifetime when she investigated around 4 a.m. Thursday morning after hearing what she assumed was pool furniture being toppled by a thunderstorm, she told MySuncoast.

The gator had torn through the couple's pool screen enclosure and was swimming about in circles.

Sharon told MySuncoast she had just one thought when she spotted him: “Can I get back to the door without it seeing me or realizing I'm bait?”

Fortunately, the unwelcome visitor was shortly trapped and removed to a farm.

"It was quite an evening," John Bente told ABC. "I'm sure there's other alligators. I'm sure I'm going to be sleeping with my - with at least one eye open for awhile."

Of course, this being Florida, really nowhere is safe.