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We Tested 9 Ways Of Brewing Coffee To Find The Very Best Method

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With high-end coffee shops on the rise, our coffee options have expanded. Enter one of these establishments, such as WTF Coffee in Brooklyn, and it becomes clear. The question is no longer what kind of coffee you want -- dark roast, breakfast blend, etc. -- but how you want that coffee made. Between the pour over, French press, siphon pot and Chemex, getting a cup of coffee has become complicated.

It got us thinking: what brewing method makes the best cup? There are a plethora of options, most of them fairly affordable too. Should we stick to the classic Mr. Coffee that's been making us coffee all these years, or is it time to make a change? Clearly, we had to find out which brewing method produces the best cup of coffee.

We gathered a group of classic coffee drinkers. Not coffee experts or snobs, but people who like to have a good cup or two on a daily basis. We brewed lots of coffee. We blind tasted them. We got wired. And we rated nine coffee brewers -- any more would have been pure chaos. We brewed each cup of coffee with Dunkin' Donuts beans and the recommended 2 tablespoons to 6 ounces of water ratio (unless otherwise specified by manufacturers instructions).

People, we drank nine cups of coffee to find the perfect cup for the good of coffee drinkers everywhere. This is what we learned: first, you don't want to drink this much coffee. Ever. Second, there are many ways to make a cup, and none of them are created equal. Third, price isn't everything. (We found a $38 dollar machine to be better than a $300+ one.) Here's how they ranked -- with No. 1 being the very best.

Please note that in no way was this taste test influenced or supported by any of the products that were tested. Also, we fully recognize that some coffee brewers were left out. We just couldn't drink another cup. It would have been really bad.

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